What are the benefits of MBCT?

"It has changed how I view myself and the world for the better"

Anna, MBCT course participant 2018


MBCT can be beneficial to those who are feeling generally 'dissatisfied' with life and those who have a sense of 'missing out' on moments of pleasure and joy. It can also be helpful for those experiencing stress, anxiety, low mood or recurrent depression. Participants develop skills to better respond to the 'ups and downs' of everyday living, which can enhance general wellbeing. Feedback from many of the previous participants is that the course has helped them be more in the present moment, less tangled in worrying thoughts and kinder to themselves and others. 

"It has been enormously helpful to share my mindfulness journey with a group, I feel less lonely than before"

Becky, MBCT course participant 2019

"I have struggled with depression for years, MBCT has helped me relate to my difficulties in a kinder, more effective way, more that I ever have predicted"

Stuart, MBCT course participant 2019