"Its starting to influence all aspects of my life in a positive way and I hope to be able to continue and expand on this."

"Being afraid of my depression returning is draining. Mindfulness has added another weapon in the armoury. I feel braver and more accepting."

"Being able to share experiences and reflections with the group has enabled me to stay with the practices. The group felt very safe, nurturing, non-judgemental and supportive."

"The key positive impact has been the level of stillness I have found with respect to my inner voice. The turning point for me was moving from trying to understand what is happening and just 'being' with it. I feel more enabled."

"MBCT has cemented mindfulness into my life and I see it as the start of my new relationship with my thoughts. I believe that this will reduce my chance of depressive relapse and I am thankful for this."

"I have learned how to relax more effectively and I sleep better. I am more mindful, generous and compassionate with myself and others. I enjoy life more and living in the moment!"