5 Session Mindfulness for Doctors & Dentists Course


Starts November 2021 

There really is neuroscientific evidence that it works!

Via Zoom 


Being happy at all times is unrealistic- we all experience sadness, pain, loss, anger and stress. Healthcare professionals are human too. It is a fact that can be overlooked when we are subject to high standards and intense demands.  



The course is open to any doctor/dentist of any grade and has been

adapted for clinician wellbeing and is delivered via Zoom. Discussion is centred around around

experience of the course rather than personal difficulties.


1st November (45 minute orientation session), 

Then 8th, 22nd, 29th November and 6th Decembe 2021 (7- 8.30pm)

Attending all of the sessions is best, however it is still possible to benefit from the course

if you can't attend a session.

CPD 6.5 hours

Cost £285 - including course materials (of note many organisations fund places on these courses)


Please email me if you have any queries and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


Is the course for me?

"Kindness begins with the understanding that we all struggle" Charles F. Glassman

We regularly deal with distress. We need to protect against burnout and make time for wellness. There are many helpful techniques & Mindfulness is fascinating one to explore. In just 4 weeks doctors can experience significant and ongoing benefits to wellbeing. 


It is a brain training exercise; we learn how to train our attention to notice what is arising in our minds, bodies & surroundings in any given moment. Naturally, we then get familiar with our own habitual reactions; e.g. endless overthinking, rumination etc.  These are rooted in uncertainty & don’t often solve the problem. Through bringing a sense of acceptance and ‘letting be’, we learn how to become less tangled by our thoughts & emotions. It is ‘ok’ to feel emotional at times and to not feel ‘ok’, meeting this with compassion. We see that we have choices & from very early on we can experience surprising benefits.


Learning to live in the present moment hones our self-awareness skills. Focus, memory, emotional regulation & resilience strengthen. Our work can become more meaningful; the tender, rich moments of the patient interaction are not overlooked. We can step off the ‘hamster wheel’ of worry. 


Fascinating neuroscience research has shown brain changes with mindfulness. The amygdala (known for its role in stress) becomes smaller. The prefrontal cortex (responsible for planning, problem solving, emotional regulation) & the hippocampus (responsible for memory & learning) become thicker. 


Over 150 doctors have participated in my 8-week courses over the last 3 years. It is humbling to witness the changes they report. There is also something very powerful about doctors coming together as a group. Follow up sessions also demonstrate the long-lasting benefits people experience & Mindfulness becomes intuitive. With gentle effort, patience & practice Mindfulness can help us to thrive and survive more often! 


Additional Information


The Initial orientation session to discuss the background & neuroscience of mindfulness. There will be a combination of guided meditation practices and thought-based exercises. In between sessions, there will be home practice for participants. This takes approximately 2 hours a week. Mindfulness is not a panacea for all problems and this is not a clinical course, therefore, it is not suitable for people who are currently experiencing very severe psychological or physical problems (including  acute depression, psychosis, substance abuse or recent grief or difficult  life event). Additionally, this is not a training course for healthcare professionals to learn how to teach mindfulness skills to patients.​



Who will facilitate the course?

Dr Lucy HarrisonI have been a GP for 17 years working in NHS, private and academic sectors. More recently I have expanded my skills to teach mindfulness. I came across Mindfulness a number of years ago, when I was looking for something to help with my struggles with Bipolar illness. With confidence I can say that Mindfulness has given me a new lease of life. Helping others comes from deep personal experience and insight. My journey to become a Mindfulness teacher has included a Masters degree from the University of Oxford. 

Booking a place

Please email me lucy.harrison@mbct-northeast.co.uk 

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