New 6 week ​Mindful Clinical Practice Course for Doctors April 2020

Mindful Clinical Practice (MCP) Course for Doctors 

MBCT Based


CPD 15 hours

Is the course for me?

This is a novel 6-week Mindfulness Clinical Practice (MCP) course developed for doctors wanting to invest in their wellbeing and who are hungry to reacquaint themselves with the calling that brought them to medicine in the first place. This unique opportunity offers a comprehensive approach to learning about the transformational impact of Mindful Clinical Practice and whole person care. The explicit aim is to help doctors develop self-awareness and self-care skills so that they can be attentive and present in clinical settings. Self-awareness is an essential component of communication, technical skill, professionalism, teamwork and lifelong learning. Mindfulness practices are seamlessly incorporated into each session highlighting the benefits of experiential learning. Narrative medicine exercises, deep listening exchanges, reflective questioning and safe space sharing serve to reinforce the positive qualities inherent to us as doctors. Mindfulness can help us to maintain an enthusiasm for medicine and help us to hold onto our humanity in the midst of the challenges our career brings. Learning to be our ‘best selves’ for us and our patients. 



Mindfulness is not a panacea for all problems and it is not suitable for people who are currently experiencing very severe psychological or physical problems. It is not appropriate for acute depression, psychosis, recent grief or substance misuse problems. On booking, we will ask you for some confidential information pertaining to your general well-being and state of mind to ensure the course is suitable for you at this time.

This is not a training course for healthcare professionals to learn how to teach mindfulness skills to patients.

This particular course is based on the hugely successful Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) course format. The focus on stress cognitions is what distinguishes MBCT from other mindfulness-based therapies. MBCT, as a psychotherapeutic approach, is in the NICE guidelines. However, it is also highly relevant to those who have not had any psychological problems, but wish to enhance their wellbeing, live more joyfully and develop tools for work related stress.


Lucy has been running 8-week MBCT courses since 2017. Over 70 doctors have benefited to date, including doctors from general practice, NTW, NUTH, Northumbria healthcare and Gateshead Foundation trust; with a mix of trainees, consultants, sessional GPs and GP partners. Some with clinical need, many attending for developing skills for wellbeing. Many doctors report that mindfulness has enhanced their work as doctors, hence the development of this MCP course.

What will I learn?

Mindfulness practices are designed to enhance your awareness of the steam of thoughts, flow of feelings, and presence of sensations that often go unnoticed, yet inform action and behaviour from moment to moment. Becoming more familiar of the workings of your own mind patterns and habits will help you deal more skilfully with the stresses and strains of everyday life. Learning to do this in a way that suspends judgement and self-criticism can have surprising results.

The use of narratives in medicine provide us with insights into the doctor/patient interaction. In this MCP course we use reflection, dialogue and discussion around experiences that arise from clinical encounters and interactions with colleagues to hone skills of attentive observation, curiosity, beginner’s mind and presence.  The embodiment of these four mindful ‘habits of mind’ lead to insightful, clear actions and competence and mirror the clinical skills required to provide competent, quality patient care. 


The quality of mindfulness functions as an ever-present lens through which personal stories are contemplated, written, shared, and discussed. There will be a combination of guided meditation practices and cognitive exercises. In between sessions, there will be home practice for participants. This takes approximately 1 hour per day.

Who will facilitate the course?

Dr Lucy Harrison



Quaker Meeting House

1 West Avenue


Newcastle upon Tyne





Course Dates


This course will run on Monday evenings

7 - 8.30 pm 

Session 1: 20.04.20

Session 2: 27.04.20

Session 3: 04.05.20

Session 4: 11.05.20

Session 5: 18.05.20

May 1/2 term no session

Session 6: 01.06.20


There will also be an essential 'Day of Mindfulness Retreat' on Sunday

7th June 10 - 4pm, venue:


Newton Bywell Community Hall, Stocksfield, NE43 7UL


How many people on each course?


Limited to 15


How much does the course cost?

Fee £350


(funding may be available)


This includes course materials and day of mindfulness retreat

Early bird rate £330 if you book before 6/3/20

Some hospital trusts and training schemes have assisted in funding places on MBCT North East Courses

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