I have been a GP for 17 years within the NHS, private and academic sectors and I specialise in Mindfulness and Wellbeing training. I came across Mindfulness a number of years ago, when I was looking for something to help with my struggles with depression. With confidence, I can say that Mindfulness has given me a new lease of life. Helping others comes from deep personal experience and insight. My journey to become a Mindfulness teacher has included a Masters from Oxford University. 


My work centres around teaching mindfulness skills to healthcare professionals and corporate clients, to help people manage the stresses of work and to live more fully.


Dr Lucy Harrison

MBCT North East

MBBS, MRCGP (distinction), Mst (University of Oxford)


I work closely with individuals and organisations to design bespoke courses and events. Please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss this further. I am happy to receive any queries. 

Additionally, I currently offer Mindfulness & Wellbeing courses specifically to doctors & dentists  

Recent Feedback: Mindfulness Doctors & Dentist Course

"It’s been a superbly run course over and although apprehensive about using zoom,  I have taken more than I could have expected from this  and I think it’s worked perfectly.  

 There are many aspects I have learnt from the course but at the moment one of the most important is that  I’ve allowed myself to accept that everything is a little beyond my control and this is not a reflection of my own character or my clinical ability.  Having accepted this and allowing myself to feel like this, I’ve certainly managed to move forward and regain energy and focus.  


On a personal level, thank you for sharing your own experiences and for creating and promoting a space for us to do the same.   Within medicine,  is so refreshing and I have found it empowering to hear these and to share mine.  I have found I have been able to be more open at work which has opened a wealth of conversations regarding well-being at work.  Thank you for this."

Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine

"Thank you for running this course. I now that find that my day at work is so much better- I’m much less avoidant, and more able to see the positives. I can now look into myself and think ‘there is sadness here’ .... and that’s ok- which is hugely helpful"

Dr Debbie Ashcroft 

General Practitioner

I’ve been off sick for a while and tried several well known mindfulness apps with little success. I have been pleasantly surprised and very pleased with Lucy’s course and  I’ve seen the benefit of learning in a group. I’ve learnt new ways of thinking about my feelings and some much healthier ways to cope with them which will stand me in good stead for when I return to work. Thanks so much. 

Dr Emma Stephens 

General Practitioner


I meet the UK good practice guidelines for Mindfulness-Based Teachers; I am suitably trained, committed to continuous personal and professional development, hold appropriate insurance and engage in regular supervision for my teaching through the Mindfulness Network.